Fall Sports Recap – Boys Soccer


The boys soccer team crouches together to receive their CHL Championship plaque.

Olivia Simpson and McKenzie Zobrist


The boys soccer team scored 75 goals in their 20 game season with only 17 given up. Senior Captain Jack Stephens said, “this season we were a much more dominant team, we had veteran players and a lot of talent.”

The team won a district title and were third in the state at one time. Stephens said, “none of it could have happened if the team hadn’t bonded. Coming together as a team was really cool.” 

Junior Nick Comer said, “This has been my favorite season yet. I’ve had the closest relationships with my teammates than ever before.”

 Noteworthy Accomplishments:

  • Record: 14-3-3
  • Tied Indian Hill 1-1 
  • District Champs
  • 3rd in CHLs (with 4 wins, 2 loses, and 1 tie) 
  • Luke Brothers 1st in CHLs for offensive leader (with 18 goals and 21 assist
  • Evan Wutemburger 6th in CHL for defensive leader (saving 33/44 shots) 


(Left to right) Nick Comer, Jack Stephens, Evan Wurtenberger, Zach Mcclorey, and Kyle Romick pose with their district champ plaque.