Don’t stay stuck in your fish bowl: A Short Tale of Zarino the Fish

Lorilei Blackett


It’s important to have a fish bowl. It’s your home, but unlike a fish, it is just as important to be able to leave your fishbowl.

You can try something new. Hang out with a friend. Dabble in something you don’t know a lot about, even if it doesn’t turn out like you would want. Go out to do something you normally wouldn’t do. You don’t have to leave your town or do anything crazy to leave your fishbowl. All you have to do is something new. Zarino is a beta fish whose been kind enough to model ways you can leave your fish bowl.

Zarino the fish came to my family after being abandoned. She was taken in and given a new home, now she tries and live the best life she can every day.

This is Zarino the fish’s fishbowl inside their residence. They like to hang out in the volcano.
Zarino the fish trying to paint for the first time. Inside her residence but outside her bowl.
Zarino the fish hanging outside with a new friend Olivia Simpson in the rain. Both in their clear bags.
Zarino the fish back at her residence trying to use a science kit to grow crystals. The crystals turned okay.
Zarino the fish outside with a young adventurer see what snow is. even though it’s cold. She thinks it sucks that there isn’t enough crystallized water to go sledding.


Are you stuck in your fishbowl? If so then why not think about how you can leave it. Zarino the fish models a great example.

Side note Great care was taken to make sure Zarino the fish was not harmed in any of the experiences outside her bowl.