Mariemont High School Construction Mid-November Update


Here the under part of the building is scene from a different angle, where the hill runs along the building. (PHOTO BY KOEHLER)

George Koehler, Journalist


Dr. Renner holds a meeting every Thursday with Mr. Block, Mr. Nerl, Mr. Hollander, and Turner construction foreman, Jesse Busch. These meetings discuss important information regarding construction. This includes updates along with new scheduled occurrences.

I am lucky enough to sit in on these meetings and get the new information each week.

Here is everything important from the past couple of weeks that you need to know:

  • The final steel beam was placed on Nov. 13, a day before the predicted completion.
  • Construction has started on underground plumbing and electric.
  • Work has been done to connect the gates (Warrior Way & New Entrance).
  • Turner has started concrete pouring on the decks of the second floor.
  • Following the completion of the frame, the roofers will start work on the masonry (bricks and mortar) and HVAC ducts.
  • Welding of the roof joists has started.
  • A shutdown is scheduled during Christmas break. There will be no access to MHS because of construction.
A busy construction site filled with equipment and building the exterior up to the projected school. (PHOTO BY KOEHLER)

These are the top pieces of information for the construction of the new Mariemont High School. Check back with the Warpath again for another article of updates for the new building.