MHS Play isn’t “Just Another” High School Play


Students performing a week and a day before opening night (November 13) on stage. Pictured Elise Mason (Farm Girl), Chris Wood (The Joker), Kady Rasmussen (The Gossip), Julia McManus (The Actress), and Megan Betts (The Reputation). (PHOTO BY BLACKETT)

Lorilei Blackett


The Fall play, this year, is called “Just a High School Play” by E. Eugene Perry. The play is set around eighteen high school students as they approach the end of their senior year. The play will be performed on November 21, 22, and 23 at 7:30. The cast list is below.

Chris Wood, the Joker, said “This year is a very ‘slice of life’ production where you get to know a little bit about each character. Expect to see a lot of characters you might recognize.”

Wood said, “I’m going to be really funny.  I tell a lot of jokes [and people can expect] some other very interesting performances that may or may not involve interpretive dance.”

Pictured are Chris Wood (Joker), Elise Mason (Farm Girl), Ashley Stall (The Organizer), Madigan Smith (The Poet), and Megan Betts (The Reputation). (PHOTO BY BLACKETT)

Cast List:

Monroe Nichols – ANDREA, the Brain

Lexy Hicks – BOBBIE, the Critic

Luke Gaskey – CHRISTOPHER, the Shy Kid

Julia McManus – COLLEEN, the Actress

Lucas Wilner – CRAIG, the Jock

Rachel Bohl – DEENA, the New Kid

Kady Rasmussen – DOTTYE, the Gossip

Katelyn Conners – EMILY, the Observer

Chris Wood – JASON, the Joker

Tierney Rasmussen – JESSICA, the Cheerleader

Benny Mitchell – JOSH, the Aggie

Megan Betts – KATIE, the Reputation

JJ Tenhundfeld – MARK, the Hunk

Julie Meece – PATSY, the Office Aid

Ashley Stahl – RISA, the Organizer

Elise Mason – SHERI, the Farm Girl

Madigan Smith – GAYLE, the Poet

Sam Hicks-Jirkans – WARREN, the Trouble