Coach Commins’s Decision to Step Down as Head Coach


Coach Commins on the sidelines of a 2019 football game. (PHOTO BY Four Js Photography)

Olivia Simpson


Coach Commins made the decision to step down from his position as the football team’s head coach on Monday, Nov. 25, due to a desire to spend more time with his family. 

Commins has been head coach at Mariemont for the past seven years; altogether he has 22 years of coaching under his hat. He said, “Since I was in second grade, I have coached or played every Friday night, so I don’t know what fall is gonna feel like [next year]”. 

He described the decision to step down as a hard one, but one he feels is necessary. He said, “I have a five-year old, a nine-year old, and an eleven-year old, and I got tired of being tired when I was with them … I didn’t want to be a part time dad or a part time husband or a part time coach, and I can always go back to coaching, but it was just time to put my family first.” 

Commins will be missed by many. Athletic Director Mr. Nerl, said, “Coach Commins has done a tremendous job as a football coach and as a leader for our football athletes. Kurry has provided our athletes with a great example of leadership and community throughout his years as a coach in our system.”

The position for head coach remains open. Mr. Nerl will head up the decision.   

Commins’ advice for his players is: “Mariemont is a special place and what makes Mariemont special is the people.”