Things to Know: Week of 1/6-12

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What to Know:

  1. There is a sophomore meeting in the auditorium about course registration on Thurs., Jan. 9 during Warrior Bell. 
  2. Sports this week include:
    • Tues., Jan. 7: Boys Basketball at Georgetown (JV – 6pm) (Varsity – 7:30pm), Girls Basketball at Deer Park (JV – 6pm) (Varsity – 7:30pm), Boys and Girls Bowling against Seven Hills at Madison Bowl (4pm)
    • Wed., Jan. 8: Boys and Girls Bowling against Taylor High School at Western Bowl (4pm)
    • Thurs., Jan. 9: Boys and Girls Bowling against Northeastern at Madison Bowl (4pm)
    • Fri., Jan. 10: Boys Basketball at Deer Park (JV – 6pm) (Varsity – 7:30pm)
    • Sat., Jan. 11: Boys and Girls Swim and Dive meet at Mariemont against Turpin (12pm), Boys Basketball at Goshen High School (Freshmen – 4:30pm) (JV – 6pm) (Varsity – 7:30 pm), Girls Basketball against Madeira at Mariemont (JV – 12pm) (Varsity 1:30pm)
  3. Seniors are taking the Government Air Test on Wednesday, January 8
  4. Senior RPs (English Research Paper) begin soon– at the beginning of 2nd semester.
  5. Snowball Dance is coming up this month on January 25.
  6. Image of the construction progress as of Mon., Jan. 6:
  7. Clubs:
  • Tues., Jan. 7: FCA meeting before school in auditorium , Art club meeting during warrior bell, Elementary tutoring after school at Mariemont Elementary 
  • Wed., Jan 8: Elementary tutoring after school at Terrace Park Elementary 


  • Mon., Jan. 6: Bean Day, Cuddle Up Day
  • Tues., Jan. 7: Old Rock Day, National Bobblehead Day 
  • Wed., Jan. 8: Bubble Bath Day, Male Watcher’s Day, National Take the Stairs Day
  • Thurs., Jan. 9: Play God Day
  • Fri., Jan. 10: Bittersweet Chocolate Day, Houseplant Appreciation Day, Peculiar People Day
  • Sat., Jan. 11: Learn Your Name in Morse Code Day, Step in a Puddle and Splash Your Friends Day
  • Sun., Jan. 12: Feast of Fabulous Wild Men Day, National Pharmacist Day