What You Need to Know When Scheduling Classes


Front page of the scheduling information packet - it was handed out to students during their scheduling meeting. (PHOTO BY SIMPSON)

Olivia Simpson


Scheduling information was released to Sophomores on Thursday, January 9, to Freshmen on Tuesday, January 14, and it will be released to Juniors on Tuesday, January 21. Students will receive recommendations from their teachers on January 23. They will submit their requested schedule on Tuesday, February 4 during Warrior Bell, and a line schedule will be sent to students in May. 

For the 2020-21 school year some new classes will be offered: AP Chemistry (grade 12 – at Mariemont High School), Environmental Science (grades 11-12), Art I (will replace 2D I – grades 9-12), Art II (replaces 2D II – need prerequisite of Art I), Mixed Media (grades 9-12), Fiber Art (grades 9-12), Photo/Digital Design (grades 9-12), Advanced Photo/Digital Design (prerequisite of Photo/Digital Design), *Warrior Broadcast Network (replaces Broadcasting class), and AP Research (prerequisite of AP Seminar – will depend on interest). 

For students unsure about what to take, Mrs. Leszczuk has some advice: “My biggest recommendation is for students to use the 4-year plan and try to map it out, so they can hit prerequisites. Start with your core classes (English, math, science, and social studies) and think about taking another year of world language — every year if you can, it’s very helpful for college. If you really can’t find a course that you are interested in, really consider a master class… Don’t forget about the other electives within the academic areas, like social studies has psychology, sociology, philosophy, and law and criminal justice.”   

4-year planning chart (found in scheduling packet), Mrs. Leszczuk recommended using this for planning (PHOTO BY SIMPSON)

*For the Warrior Broadcast Network class, students will eventually announce the announcements live everyday and some sporting events.