Winter Sports Recap–Cheer

Megan Kromer


While our Mariemont Football and Basketball teams have been in the spotlight, our Mariemont Cheer team has been quietly taking over the CHLs by storm.

Led by head coach Jennifer Schlotman, this year our Cheering Lady Warriors placed first in the CHLs on Nov. 9 and went to Nationals in Orlando Feb. 6. 

At Nationals, Mariemont Cheer competed in two separate competitions–a “game day” competition and a “performance” competition–to show off their hard work and refined routines for the last time.

Although they didn’t move on to finals, senior captain Reagan Kaiser reflected on her last season of cheer. “I was sad when it ended but I was still very proud of my team and all the girls on it. That’s the first time we’ve ever made it this far,” said Kaiser.

Kaiser has been cheering for six years and was happy to end this season on a high note.

While Mariemont Cheer did not come out on top in Nationals, they came out victorious against their biggest rival, Indian Hill.

During the Regional Competition on November 2, Mariemont Cheer beat Indian Hill, placing second while Indian Hill placed third. They also claimed victory against Indian Hill in the CHLs by placing first. 

“We weren’t there to beat anyone else but Indian Hill,” said senior captain Ginny Caesar when asked about the Regional Competition.

Kaiser added, “This was a very great season to go out on–first place at CHLs, beating IH three times–definitely one of the better squads I’ve been able to be a part of.”

Although the victories are sweet, both captains agreed that the camaraderie of the team is more important to them.

“Cheer is a very diverse group of people. We have girls from all different friend groups and many of them aren’t your ‘typical’ cheerleaders. We’re all different, but once we get to practice and work together we become a big family,” said Kaiser.

Both she and Caesar believe cheer gave them an outlet for new friends in Mariemont.

Caesar added, “I’ve made so many friends. Cheer is such a unique activity. We have such a great connection between girls and coaches, which is why I fell in love with it in just two years.”


Mariemont Cheer in Orlando, Florida for the National Competition.
Mariemont Cheer team at Disney Land on Feb. 6.