Respect Retreat


Sophomores playing one of the quick games

Lorilei Blackett


The sophomores attended the Respect Retreat on Wed., Feb. 27, 2020 at the Indian Hill Winter Club.

After waiting in their classrooms, students were called to the buses at the turn around. When arriving students played a series of activities.

Sophomores playing one of the quick games

One example is a Duck-Duck-Goose-type game where the students were placed into two teams based on when they were born (first half of the year v. second half of the year). The aim of the game is to leave more people on the other team stranded in the middle by the time the music runs out.

Students being pulled to middle during the Duck-Goose-Goose-type game.

Another activity involved the sophomores splitting into groups: Llama, Goat, Skyline, and Face Rip. The groups participated in a series of contests: burping, screaming, and shoe sculpting (make a sculpture with the groups left shoes). But in the end, Face Rip won with a 32 point lead (the points were in the thousands so it was a close call).

After that, things started to mellow out, and things ended with the “Campfire” in which students said how they wish to be more respectful in the future. Students headed back to school shortly after.