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Hello, my name is Ashley Grimmer!  I am a current senior at Mariemont High School and an enthusiast of all things travel, writing, and nature!  I play doubles on the Varsity tennis team, participate in the musical each year, and attend clubs such as Service Projects Abroad, Leadership Council, Art Club, and Sources of Strength.  Outside of school, I am a member of Girl Scouts, a former volunteer/zoo enthusiast, and a photographer.

Above all else, I love my family – especially my dog Pippa.  I have an older brother named Will who is a senior at The Ohio State University.  My parents have given me so many incredible opportunities to travel the world and pursue my interests that I am so grateful for.

My odd hobbies include stargazing, losing my keys, and attempting to juggle.


Hello readers, I’m Jacob! This year, I’m co-editor-in-chief of Warpath. I love traveling, the outdoors, music, baseball, and food. I’m excited for this school year and what is to come. I am an outgoing and enthusiastic person. Journalism is my favorite class for sure! Check out my blog Go Warriors!


My name is Kate Overbey and I am a senior at MHS. I love to read and I love to write, but my real passion is science. I love fantasy novels, especially ones with a romantic subplot. I want to study Neuroscience in the future and hopefully find a cure for non-vascular dementia. A few of my hobbies include varsity/club swimming, sewing, and travel. I love fashion and designing. The most interesting things about me is that I have been to more countries than U.S. States and that I scuba dive. I love writing for the Warpath, and I hope you love reading it!

My Name is McKenzie Zobrist. I am a sophomore at Mariemont High School. I have been a part of the Mariemont School District since kindergarten. I have a twin sister named Hailey as well as two dogs named Daisy and Oreo. I play lacrosse for Mariemont and I also enjoy wakeboarding. Some of my interests include photography, sports, and traveling.


I’m a Cincinnati high school kid. I pride myself on my soccer passion and my friends. I have a little sister, two loving parents, and the most irritating dogs in the world. I don’t always have to be doing something, but I always try to be with someone; I love sharing my experiences with people. Rather it be in class, on the field, or around Mariemont, you will always find my crew and I laughing and having a good time.


I’m a girl. My name is Ryan so everyone assumes I’m a boy before meeting me, but Ryan is an Irish name. Most of my extended family on my mom’s side lives in Ireland, but I’m not only Irish. I’m also two tribes of Native American (Cherokee and Mohawk), Dutch, English, and Spanish.

My favorite subjects in school have always been science and math and I plan to do something with these passions in the future. I aspire to go to Boston College next year to major in psychology on a premedical track. I’ve always wanted to do something with psychology as well, because my mom is a psychologist and has taught me things about psychology since I was young.

I love to travel. This past month I’ve traveled to a new place every other week. Having a dad that’s a pilot makes flying easy. I get free flights so I can go anywhere at anytime. I’ve been to over 35 states, but my favorite place is Cape Cod, Massachusetts. I’ve been going to Cape Cod since I was one month old and it holds a special place in my heart.

People describe me as inquisitive, helpful, determined, and goofy.



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