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Megan Kromer


After highschool…

I plan to study nursing at Kent State, Miami, OSU, UC or OU. Decision is pending. 

What I Do

I write for Warpath with a focus on school activities and projects. I am in charge of Warriors on Warpath, where students outside of journalism can submit any writing they want to share. I also write blogs on my personal blog page, MegTalk


I am a part of Sources of Strength, National Honors Society, Mariemont Girls United, U4U, Spirit Club, Warpath and the volleyball team.

Why Warpath

I chose to join Warpath because I have always loved to write. I felt like writing freely is not very common in high school classes and I wanted to express myself by writing about what I’m interested in. Journalism has proven to be the class in which I can do that. 

Interesting Fact

I am a part of the 10% of people in the world who are left handed. Although that is interesting enough, my true interesting fact is that I am ambidextrous. When I was in third grade, I broke my left arm, which forced me to use my right hand in school and everyday things. Ever since then I have been good with both hands because as a leftie I’ve adapted to a right-handed world. 

Best Advice

Push yourself out of your comfort zone, and surround yourself with what makes you happy.

Favorite Movie

All-time: Step Brothers

Recent: Us

Favorite Book

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Favorite Snack/Cereal

Snack: Gushers

Cereal: Cinnamon Toast Crunch


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